Thoughts vs Reality

Thoughts vs Reality


Firstly, I’d like to thank Aloy for being my model. Ashley Goo hasn’t been very active ever since she debuted. My interest in photography is growing, and I’m glad to have friends like fiftyflick for teaching me some tricks and tips as part of portrait photography 101. The photo above of Aloy was taken by me. My initial plan was to shoot at this place with Grace Kowie but unfortunately she wasn’t free. But i guess that turned out for the better as this place was super dodgy and ulu.

More often than not, I’d have problems distinguishing my thoughts, dreams and reality. My mind would conjure the scariest of thoughts (eg. me being kidnapped), albeit faint but made my heart ache. I also believe that some memories are just too painful to recall. As a result, my mind is confused between the ‘memories’ it conjured and ‘actual’ memories. Has this ever happened to you?

Some dreams are also so surreal that I would wake up crying. There’s also this falling sensation that causes me to jolt out of my slumber. I’m not sure what that actually means, but seems to me it ain’t good.

These days, I have been wondering, do dreams have double meaning? The sleeping kind vs the ‘what i want to achieve in life’ kind? I’d say yes.

Don’t just dream, live it. –

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