Spot The Difference | Taiwan Edition

Spot The Difference | Taiwan Edition

A step out of the airport and I was welcomed by a cold gust of wind, ominous clouds and relentless honking. It was a 40 min drive, didn’t feel like sleeping so I decided to play the game spot the difference. Firstly, it was a left-hand drive, similar to American cars. The journey was pretty boring, nothing much to see on a highway. Strange thing was the highway was dimly lit with yellow lights and most buildings weren’t lit at all. My dad said it’s all part of their environmental saving efforts. The second thought that popped into my mind was why must the city be so far from the airport?! Perhaps due to the availability of land space, but for convenience sake isn’t it better if places are within close proximity? I felt grateful for Singapore’s size then. Buildings I observed were oriental looking (along the way). I plugged in my earpiece and clicked the shuffle button on my playlist, The Last Waltz by Engelbert Humperdink came on. Memories of the most beautiful moments with nic came surging back to a very special day where we shared a moment. One that let us shed tears of happiness in celebration of a beautiful moment. Thirdly, or is it fourthly, people here drive somewhat recklessly. It’s like going for a war every time you get out on the road. Much skills is needed to drive on the roads of Taipei. Also, the girls here are mostly decked out in their sky high boots with their face powdered with tons of blusher. Pretty attractive i must say. I didn’t expect myself to feel sooo full and bloated after today’s dinner. I ate sooo muchh. And to my pleasant surprise, this cute and friendly lady was asking if my family and i would be interested in sampling these Vegan cakes that were FULLY RAW . i totally didn’t expect a vegan cake shop at the basement of a departmental store. I was so intrigued by all the flavours that I kept asking for samples. After several mins of intense self-debating, I purchased 2 cakes – a blueberry lemon cake, and the original flavoured one. However due to the minuscule size of my belly, i’ll just have em’ for breakfast instead.

// Before leaving for Taiwan

11:15 we arrived at our gate, A20 which was at one end of the airport. Boarding time is 11:40. The guard told us that our gate was changed to B1 which was at the other end of the airport. Upset and pissed for having to walk close to 1km (felt like it), we had to walk back the same way. We arrived at the gate at 11:37 thereabout. We nearly missed boarding our flight by a tick of a clock. The door slammed shut behind us as we heaved a sigh of relief. By God’s grace, we’re here. We have arrived. Safely and Soundly.

P.S. A vlog will soon be coming up! once i’m back in SG. I’ll do my best to update my blog everyday while i’m in taiwan!

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