Reliving the Good Old Times

Reliving the Good Old Times

Can you spot me in this photo? becos I can hardly recognise myself.

It’s been some time since I visited PL and my fellow guzheng mates. I was pleasantly surprised that a meet up was initiated by Jiayu though out of 7 of us in the group, only 3 of us turned up. Yea, I hesitated when eva and gio backed out at the last minute but I missed laoshi and curious to see how the new batch of students are.

I arrived a tad late to watch my juniors perform, which was a pity. As I stepped into the guzheng room, I saw my shadows in these little kids as they packed up, preparing to leave. I felt at home – the place I tolerated probably the worse scoldings ever, formed the strongest friendships, and one that I miss dearly.

We headed off to have a Veg dinner at Kovan. There was this warm and fuzzy feeling brewing in me as we recounted several memorable events of our time in guzheng. One absolutely indelible was our Harrogate (UK) performance. I was in percussion and I accidentally hit the gong (which was suspended)  too hard that it completely fell off the hook. It was HILARIOUSI’m even laughing now as I’m typing this. Super glad that my batch is blessed with this golden opportunity to perform in Harrogate and tour London. We were the only Asian group there that came with traditional Chinese instruments, the rest of them were from choir, dance or concert band. I could go on and on about my experiences in Harrogate but I shall wrap it up here.

My batch had about close to 40 people, sadly that number today has shrunk to a pathetic 24, with ignorant kids that rely heavily on their parents for protection (aka. complaining). I mean I would totally have asked my parents to write in back then when i was crying my eyes out because I couldn’t take laoshi’s admonition. But neither did I wanna seem like a weakling, or be treated any different. At one point I recalled seriously contemplating to switch CCA, well I’m glad I persevered though. Gotta really give it to my then best friend samsam for being there with me, for staying on with me.


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