Paddy Fields and Street Foods | Taiwan Edition

Paddy Fields and Street Foods | Taiwan Edition

I was very much pleased with the breakfast as they had a reasonable spread of veg items. It was heartening to see a jar of soymilk beside the cereal bar. After breakfast, it was time to depart to our first location. We were greeted by a nice young chap who happens to be our chauffeur. There were many Korean boutique stores along the streets like SPAO, Innisfree and loud Korean music blasting in the background. I wonder if I’m really in Taiwan. One thing that I’m quite surprised about is how hospitable Taiwanese are, well-mannered and easy-going.

Dark clouds hung low and poured mercilessly. Having arrived at our first location which happens to be a museum under renovation because our lovely travel agent gave us the wrong information, we just had to head straight to the next location where we had our lunch. We were at the outskirts of Taipei which is actually pretty beautiful as it was covered in mostly green paddy fields.

It’s been awhile since I had hotpot for dinner. It was quite a feast which made me blissfully full.

Not long after, dusk drawn upon us. Our first ever night market experience in Taiwan. I’d say it was nothing compared to Korea. Plus, most of the stores in Taiwan attempt to mimic stores in Korea. An oddly shaped umbrella caught my attention. It was an inverted umbrella. Really peculiar. Food stalls sold mostly meat. One thing I realized is that Taiwanese love milk tea or anything that has milk. rolls eyes. I had my first ever virgin experience with smelly tofu. I won’t deny that it has a pungent and distinct smell that made the tofu distasteful and unappetizing, but since it was a delicacy in Taiwan, I decided to give it a shot. It wasn’t that bad but tasted like ordinary deep fried tofu.


Somehow, everything reminded me of Korea. I miss Korea.

my beautiful mum can you guess her age?

my dad’s photography skills ain’t too bad



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