OCBC Skyway

OCBC Skyway

It was partly cloudy that day. But being bored on a lazy afternoon after a great meal at Well Dressed gave us the impulse to go somewhere or do something. Nic suggested we go Gardens By The Bay. We didn’t go into the dome because I’ve already went in a couple of times (although it changes every season and I wouldn’t mind going in again). Tickets for the dome were a little too pricey for me so we decided to just rome around the gardens. When we came across the OCBC Skyway, I told Nic that I’ve never been up there. Nic recalled that there was no need for an entry fee. Guess they’ve decided to incorporate it – maximise their profits. It was $8 per person. Although the sign states that you are only allowed 15 min on the skyway, just stay for as long as you like 😉 But remember don’t walk back, you can only walk forward.


The view was really nice (could’ve been better if it weren’t cloudy and if it were at night) but the wind was really cooling and it was super breezy up there. I still find it quite amusing for Nic to suggest going up there though he has a phobia of heights 😛 When you look down, the people on the ground literally look like ants. Here are some photos of the view.








The view overlooks the entire gardens

This post is soooo delayed that I forgotten most of our conversations. I only have myself to blame for not being prompt in publishing these posts. I’ll try to make an effort to write posts daily and promptly so as to not let these precious memories and meaningful conversations just vanish.

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