I’m No Longer Vegan?!

I’m No Longer Vegan?!

photo credits: @simplyalphonsine

Awoken by the most disturbing dream ever:

As my family and I got off the plane and landed in safely in Singapore on Tuesday, we decided to have dinner at KFC. Very Very Strangely I ordered the chicken drumsticks those spicy and extra crunchy ones. With my first bite, the tug of war match began in my mind. My mouth was enjoying the crispy and crunchy-ness of the fried chicken, my tongue savouring the taste which I hadn’t had in ages. However, the guilt of eating the flesh of another being just haunted me. Guilty Pleasure. After that ____ meal, the level of moral culpability just broke the scale. I tried purging all of it out of my system because I was just so grossed out by the fact that I just ate my poor friends. But, nothing came out. I then decided to give up on Veganism.

It felt so real. When I woke, I had to recall what exactly I had for dinner last night when I landed in Singapore. Thankfully, my memory didn’t fail me, I ate Dian Xiao Er (Vegan).


Vegan Picnic

I’ve never been to a picnic, what more a huge-scale one with 40+ people. Intimidated as I was on the inside, I really wanted to go – for the company of new and old friends, and of course homemade Vegan food. The spread of Vegan food from yesterday wasn’t that much, but it was bursting with flavours and filled with love. I thought I wouldn’t be full but damn I was. My favourite sweet foods are the cinnamon rolls and the puff pastry (that taste exactly like apple strudel) OMG. I’m so desperate to replicate them. The sushi balls were the bomb. Cooked to perfection!

Cinnamon rolls by @graceyeats

The best decision of my life is choosing to lead a Vegan lifestyle which has blessed me with this lovely community and a life of abundance and joy. Never will I go back to eating my friends.

My belly is full.

My heart is full.


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