Fratini La Trattoria

Fratini La Trattoria

In celebration of our 2nd monthsary, I decided to treat Nic to a really special lunch. The concept of Fratini La Trattoria is that there is no menu because everything is customised on the spot. And with every dish served, their awesome servers will introduce the dish’s origin eg. South of Italy etc. The first time I went there was during our usual family dinner on a Saturday. Ever since then, I can never forget that place. The taste and flavours were deeply etched into my memory, just writing about it makes me salivate. If you’re thinking of a really romantic and special date night, this is the place. I went during lunch because it was half the price compared to dinner 😛 It’s best to make a reservation before heading there especially if you have specific dietary needs like me.

Stuffed Tomato with herbs, olives and sundried tomatoes (Rome)

Sicilian roll (cucumber with mashed pumpkin) (Sicily)

Sweet potato cake with mushroom (Sardegna)

Out of the 3, the tomato was the best in my opinion, followed by the sweet potato cakes with mushroom! They were all superb! It was a great start to the occasion.

Cabbage Stuffed with eggplant and tomato sauce (Tuscany)

My second most favourite course of the day. I know that the cabbage is the main highlight of the dish but can I just say how amazing those potatoes were and the asparagus…(I can’t go on because I’m speechless)

Stuffed Portobello mushroom with couscous and truffle (Alba)

Although I’m not a huge fan of truffle and I abhor the smell of it, it was not too bad. Not my favourite but still good. The couscous was really good though!

Stir-fried vegetable with white asparagus (Vicenza, Bassano)

I was super happy that they served a dish that was entirely asparagus. After that meal, my favourite vegetable became asparagus (it was initially spinach).

The highlight of the whole 6 course meal was this – Truffle pasta.

It was super creamy and thick that I can’t believe it’s Vegan. It’s one of their signature pastas apart from aglio olio and tomato based pasta. And they used eggless pasta for this Vegan. It was funny how Chomel said that Nic didn’t have a choice because she overheard me saying I didn’t like truffle. Ironically, this truffle pasta is my favourite. So we ordered aglio olio, but I recalled that the truffle pasta was really good, hence I quickly told Chomel to make the change.

At the end of the meal, we were blissfully full. Our bellies squealing in delight. Special thanks to Chomel for serving us. She even told us that they will be introducing discounts exclusively for NTU students because she was a former student there.

Looks like I’ll be heading there again 😉

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