In our younger days, picnics were a time where our friends and family would congregate over satiating and satisfying foods. Unfortunately, as we grow older, we often dismiss these activities with excuses such as ‘i’m too busy’ or ‘i have no time to prepare’. Indeed, these 3 dishes took us quite some time to prepare. However, the sense of gratification once we’re there at marina barrage, biting into foods that were made out of love, being in present in the moment with each other. That’s makes all the prep work worth it. What better way to feel good than to fuel our bodies with Vegan foods. Although the food doesn’t look like much, it was a lot to finish.

Picnic was spelt intentionally wrong because I have a bad habit of pronouncing it as ‘PI-NIC’ instead of ‘PIC-NIC’. My favourite out of all the 3 dishes we prepared was the vietnamese rolls. It was da-bomb. Nic made this thai sweet chili sauce that complemented it so well. The sushi was a little too plain because it was only filled with carrots and cucumbers. The cinnamon rolls were not cinnamon-y enough haha. Could’ve been sweeter and softer. Here are the recipes:

Thai Sweet Chili Sauce

Cinnamon Rolls

The Cinnamon rolls recipe has yeast in it but you can always google for other recipes without yeast. And the vietnamese rolls contains sesame oil, mushrooms, bell peppers, garlic, cucumbers, carrots, and grilled tofu. Coat the tofu with cornstarch before you grill them (you’ll understand why once you do it).

Hope you guys will be inspired to go on more picnics with your loved ones and friends! The warm fuzzy feeling you get as you sit on the picnic mat, eating food that nourishes you and having the ones you love by your side as the evening breeze caresses your cheeks while you watch the sun disappear from the horizon, THAT FEELING is beyond words.  There’s even a spotify picnic playlist – super chill.

Great Pic-NIC 😉 (if you get it)

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