Being Vulnerable = Being Weak?

Being Vulnerable = Being Weak?


‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’

Mahatma Gandhi

I grew up in an environment where crying is a sign of weakness. I was told of how damaged and broken society is and how cunning people can be. Indeed, the scariest things in life isn’t ghosts, demons, zombies or the supernatural, its us humans. That’s kinda why the ‘best’  horror movies are made around people these days instead of ghosts/zombies/demons such as Human Centipede (I suggest you don’t google it). Anyway, I’m digressing. Most people are afraid of opening themselves up for various reasons – whatever they say could potentially be used against them, betrayal, pride, trust issues. They all basically revolve around the same reason which is the fear of betrayal and judgement. Perhaps it’s because of this that’s why the world is the way it is ‘damaged and broken’. 

Being vulnerable does not equate to being weak. What I mean by being vulnerable is to be open about yourself, to be willing to share about your life experiences – good ones, bad ones, heartbreaking ones, heartwarming ones, regrets, moments you’re proud of, even some that you’re ashamed of. I’m sure we all have encountered such moments, but all of them serve as a beautiful story to tell. Who knows? Maybe the person you shared your story with will take away something important from you.

Personally, i feel that in order for others to trust you, we must first trust them by opening up to them aka. being vulnerable. This is also the secret to having true and trustworthy friends. Of course, I do get occasional raised eyebrows whenever I share about the silly stuff i did in the past becos they’ll be slightly taken aback by how open I am. Sometimes I can sense a tinge of judgement beneath their advice or thoughts. When that happens, I’d usually not delve too much into that topic or aspect of my life and move on. After sharing my experiences, it’s only courtesy to enquire about the other party’s experiences. Plus because I believe everyone has their special moments.

We’re all such precious gems with incredible minds capable of storing valuable memories. I’d like to remember every single one of them and curious to know stories that my friends have to tell. If you have a story to tell be it good, bad, boring, heartwarming, heartbreaking, I would love to hear it! Feel free to drop me a text or email .

Let your guard down for once, and open up to people around you or even strangers. You’ll see a difference.


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