Beautiful Mornings

Beautiful Mornings

Gone are the days of waking up to numbers and endless law statutes for the holidays are finally here! 3 months of slacking, earning money, learning, enjoying, searching, and simply being. The habit of waking up as early as 6:30am to open my books and dive into my notes has gotten me into this routine of waking up before dawn breaks. And as you can see from the featured image, the view is extremely rewarding. Seeing how the different hues of colour tear across the blue sky, tinges of pink, blue, purple, orange, breathtaking. 

So nic and I made it a thing to wake up early on weekends and do a healthy activity. Last Monday was a public holiday, so we headed off to Bukit Timah Hill. I was actually pleasantly surprised to see quite a substantial number of old folks trekking up. We even spoke to a kind (old yet strong and full of life) lady and she told us she comes here every single week and treks over the world. Her words made me realise how as youths, we’re at a prime age to move about and get active. We’re blessed with strong limbs and a powerful beating heart yet most of us choose to lay in bed without realising that we’re slowly sinking into the depths of laziness and regret, regretting the chances we didn’t take when we’re young and healthy.

Unfortunately, The Bakery by Woodlands Sourdough wasn’t open that day because they’re closed on mondays. We then proceeded on with lunch plans at Pasarbella where I had a nourishing bowl of salad while nic had a falafel pita pocket. Fuelling your body with foods that nourish especially after a workout is OMG – it just makes you feel alive. And what’s a meal without dessert. At Pasarbella, it would be a sin not to get cocowhip. Groupon had this voucher for cocowhip for 6.50 instead of the usual price of 9.50. I’m gonna start being on the lookout for good deals that save me some $$.

The rest of the day was just spend chilling at home. zzz…

My favourite time of the day is meal times. We’ve decided to head to circuit road and order some takeaways – not exactly the healthiest foods but oh well we were craving local food. Circuit road has a wide range of vegetarian/vegan options from satays, otahs, muah chee, carrot cake, hokkien mee, wanton noodles, etc. I had char kway teow while nic had the wanton noodles and we shared satay. I wasn’t really impressed with our main course but the satay, hands down best.

Do check out the video I’ve put together on what we do on a weekend to gain a better insight into our lives.


One week of holidays has passed, I don’t feel like i’ve been spending it as wisely? Definitely spent most of my time binge watching Netflix. But yes I’ve definitely been exercising, eating healthy (as always), and working on myself as a person. Sometimes the boredom consumes me and I question myself – what am I doing. It’s been forever since I last wrote on gooyokers – i’m working on that.

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