I am a nineteen year old Vegan blogger/university student/musician/entrepreneur. Life has blessed us with beautiful species such as people, plants, and animals. This is what I live for, the day-to-day human interaction with friends and family, waking up to chirping birds as the glorious sun rays caresses my cheeks, and perusing through the endless range of books in the library. Music is also an integral part of my life. Although I listen to all genres, typically I enjoy indie rock best. I’m very into music production and song creation.

I wish to inspire You and make a difference to the world. In this day and age where we are inundated by so much information, that we lose focus of what truly matters in life. For some of You out there, I believe You’re perpetually wrestling with self-esteem, weight, bowel, acne issues etc. and I sincerely hope that my blog would allow you to adopt a different perspective to life and radically improve your health.

Our lives are defined by opportunities even the ones we miss’

F. Scott Fitzgerald

‘Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the number of moments that take your breath away’ 


Be Kind To Every Kind


4 thoughts on “About”

  • Nic!! Stumbled across this on Facebook and I’m so proud of you for becoming Vegan and wanting to educate others about the importance of where you food come from. However I was quite disheartened when I saw the list of youtubers you recommended for people to follow. I know freelee is very controversial and I agree that she has a very good message but bullying other people online and going up to people in public calling them fat because they aren’t vegan is bullying. I also know many people support her. But I feel like because the message of veganism is so positive and powerful doing it negatively does not help. I’ve thought about being vegan but freelee has always turned me off because she’s made me believe the vegan community is viscous and always angry when I now have so many vegan friends and even come across other vegan influencers who spread their message so much more positively. I know you’ll do the same too! But just wanted to put it out there that freelee always make me feel like a shit human being hahaha and nobody should be allowed to make anyone else feel that way.

    but again, so proud of you for doing this! Hope to catch up with you soon:)


    • OMG KIM! Thanks so much for reading 🙂 I don’t really agree with Freelee’s way of propounding the Vegan message and how she criticises and tons of Youtubers. Her method of ‘converting’ people to Veganism is by guilt tripping. And I’m not by all means trying to go in her direction of doing the same. Ignoring those videos of her tearing others down, she has other pretty good videos and her transformation is amazing. I’d still recommend her channel cos I find some content educational and subsequently it’ll be up to people if they wanna follow her or not.But Kim, there are plenty other lovable Vegans out there like bonnyrebecca, camandnina, FullyRawKristina etc. and Freelee shouldn’t SOLEY be the reason thats causing you to turn away from adopting a Vegan lifestyle.

      Plus, I’m a total fan of your snapchat man. Your life seems super fun in UK. Super jealous 🙁

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