A Healthier Lifestyle

A Healthier Lifestyle

Living Healthier, Feeling Better

As we’re now half-way through the year, it’s time we review our ‘resolutions’ we’ve made in the beginning of the year. My experiences this first half of the year has changed several beliefs, perceptions and concepts of life. ‘Life’ sounds like a really big word, neither am I the kind to delve into the philosophy behind it. I’m here to share with you how these experiences have allowed me to grow as a person.


When I say health, it isn’t a singular definition of physical appearance. It’s mental as well, and mental comprises emotions, state of mind etc.

This year wasn’t like last year when I stayed in hall. I decided to be more conscious of what I ate. Hence, I refused to eat from the vegetarian stall at Koufu because it was just too oily and greasy for my palette. I knew my body wouldn’t like it. Thankfully, there was a salad stall at Koufu too. However, once I discovered their tongs to pick out my essential mushrooms were used to pick out meat as well, I never ate there ever again (yes, i’m pretty strict). There were also rumours that there were rats running about in the stall. Pure speculations I know, but better to be safe than sorry right.

Food was a major issue for me while I was staying in Hall. If I wanted something healthy, I would have to cook it myself. And so I did for a couple of times. Soon after, I felt it was too much of a hassle and gave up. My breakfast was just a sad cup of coffee (sometimes black if not it’s a soy latte);Lunch would be an apple and pineapple; Snacks would be almonds, and dinner a regular sized pumpkin soup from soup spoon. Till today I wonder how did I survive eating way under 1,200 calories?! As a result, my weight plummeted to its lowest ever 42/43kg.

Of course I couldn’t keep up, especially with dance practices intensifying by the week, I then stopped living in hall and went back h0me after class. Getting back to a normal weight seemed easy because of my love for food, in theory that is. I had to deal with bloating for a couple of weeks because my body was slowly adjusting back to the large volumes of food. At that point, it was hard to deal with mentally because I wasn’t used to feeling full. It was also hard physically because it did hurt too. After what felt like forever, I finally got back to being normal. 

I decided to incorporate more exercise into my daily activities. I started running 3km about 3 times a week. It was a great way for me to de-stress especially during the exam period (which I didn’t really study for). Nic and I also made it a point to go for a light exercise every weekend, sometimes swimming while others just walking. It was only after the term ended did I kinda plateaued…


As of now, I’m trying out different types of exercises so that my body doesn’t get used to the workouts. I’ve tried Yoga, Ballet Workouts, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) etc. I like to switch it up from time to time. I make it a point to exercise 4-5 times a week (the intensity of it is debatable haha). Weight-lifting was something really new to me too. Though a part of me is afraid of looking ‘big’,the other part of me is screams for me to work on defining my muscles.

*okay, I realised I’ve written a lot just on health, I shall write about wealth and personal development in a separate post.*

Moving on to mental health, there’s kind of a overlap between mental health and personal development. Let’s talk about emotions as part of mental health. Whenever I ask my friends what their first impression of me was, I’d get cool, fierce, bad, dao, basically someone you wouldn’t want to befriend. To be honest, I like that because i give off the ‘don’t mess with me’ vibe. But deep down, I’m a really emotional being, and if you’re my friend, you’ll understand.

I allow myself to be vulnerable yet having control of my emotions. Because I believe being vulnerable doesn’t mean being weak. It’s all about the beautiful friendships that are about to transpire from my sharing and openness. Indeed, this half a year has shown me how friends can become complete strangers (for reasons I’m unaware of) . And how people whom I’ve never noticed in class last sem, to become amazing buddies this sem. I thank the universe for bringing these people back to my life.

There’s one important lesson that I’ve learnt that is – ‘if an opportunity comes at you, seize it’ . Well that’s what they all say right? It’s true but there’s a second part to this – provided we’re capable of distinguishing it from threats. There are several opportunities disguised as threats. These ‘opportunities’ look incredible and completely innocuous upon first glance, when in fact it’s just a facade. The lesson that’s worth learning is how to discern and differentiate opportunities from threats. I’m certainly not a master of it, but i’m learning and so should you too.

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