48 hours left

48 hours left

8:30am. The morning air was cool and crisp with the breeze gently caressing my skin. The sky a clear ocean blue. I took in a deep breath while I kept my eyes closed. It was utmost invigorating as my senses rejuvenated. Absolutely gorgeous.

I don’t usually wake up at 7+ to take a stroll outside but because I had to collect some lovely oat balls that Cheryl had personally made for me, I had the chance to experience this refreshing moment. I arrived on time which is pretty rare and we manage to chat for a good 15-20 minutes before we parted ways. To be honest, I was surprised that we had endless things to talk about! From uni, to swimming lessons, her business, driving lessons, etc. I’m really glad that we’re still in contact till today. My favourite flavours are Nutty Nuts and Oreos. I ordered 12 balls and I just devoured 5 of em’ immediately. For those of y’all that haven’t tried oat balls made by teeny weeny treats, you haven’t lived. Just click on the link above to order the balls from them.

We headed back home to my house after the fashionably late Nicholas Sim graced us (me and me) with his majestic presence. I was super stoked to bake Natascha’s Banana Bread. Apparently it’s idiot-proof, the best and easiest recipe ever. Indeed, it is/was. I have no flare in baking or even making most things work, but this works completely alright. Just that the bread wasn’t really that moist unlike cake. I guess it’ll be much softer with more coconut oil. It’s a 8/10 for me. Probably gonna make more tomorrow!

My meeting with Malvin was really lighthearted and enjoyable. The question marks in my head were finally resolved. And I really appreciate all the advice that he has given me eg. how money and ego don’t gel well together. Also, I’m really great that Maven is still going strong. Although I’m no longer drawing a steady salary from there anymore, my sanity is now restored as now I work on a project basis. Much more flexibility involved with the option of taking up or rejecting gigs.

Nic and I then went upstairs for awhile to see how our fellow Advonians were doing. Jon caught us off guard by testing us some mind boggling strategy communications interview question. It was ‘how much ice do you think is in the South Pole’ and you can’t directly google the answer. Nic and I were cracking our brains trying to figure out the answer. However, we didn’t take long to come up with certain figures and formulas. Although we were 100% off the actual number, it was a good mind-stretcher for both of us. Jon was surprised that Nic and I were able to work harmoniously together. Really interesting and fun experience. Do try it out for yourself.

Dinner was at The Boneless Kitchen where we had Soybean Stew, Kimchi fried rice, pancake, and rice cakes. Sounds a lot right? Yea, by the time we were done with our mains, our bellies were protesting against us, telling us to stop eating. I really wonder how I was able to finish all of these in the past. The day ended at Promenade Coffee Bean where we sat down and planned our goals for the new year. A good practice I must say, to sustain a strong relationship and personal development.

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